„Polko” Group is the family company which has been working with processing and trade of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms since 1989 year

Our headquater and storage is
located 20 km next to Warsaw.
In turn production and
processing of our
products takes
place in the Ukraine.

Annual production ability of the plant

Our main speciality are frozen, forest mushrooms and fruits. However during the crop we can offer a lot of fresh berries and mushrooms. In our offer You can find:

HR Line

Most of that products is delivered to receivers in West Europe, to Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy, Germany and others.

Since 2008 year we are reliable supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables for „Metro” Group in the Ukraine. On the home market we sale our products to leading catering warehouses, which next deliver it to upper-class restaurants, shops and hotels.

New fluidal tunnel for shocking freezing , blanchers, calibrating machine- “Perfecta” and optical-laser sorter “Best” it are only few devices which quarantee high quality of ready product.

Suitable storage abilities for above 1000 tons of ready product allow us for constant, regular shipments all over the year..

Localization of processing plant in the Volyn region in the Ukraine allow us for limtless access to raw material and fast fill of orders. Thanks to many collecting point in countryside of the plant and plantations of vegetables and fruits we can deliver always fresh and organic products accoring to customers’ demands.